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That's So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast from blogger Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven. That's so Maven interviews "mavens" and shakers in the health, wellness and business spheres helping to tackle some of life's biggest challenges in leading a balanced and intentional lifestyle. This podcast is meant to inspire, entertain and above all — find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles.
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May 17, 2017

Today's episode is for anyone who has ever struggled with their skin, whether it's acne-prone or dry or just general health of the largest tissue in our body.


I’ve seen some great improvement in my hormonal acne is because of the skincare products I’m using. As someone with dry, sensitive skin that is also acne-prone, it’s been tough finding products that work for me. While I’ve found a few I love and continue to use, none of them even compare to my loyalty to Luminance Skincare.


From their masks, to their cleansers to their acne serum, I’m not only in love with their products, but have found they work wonders for my skin.


You'll hear about: 

-Kim’s background as an engineer and how he found himself as a natural skincare expert     

-What group of people have the best skin in the world and what he learned from them to produce his skincare products

-Regulations in skincare products in the United States

-Toxins to lookout for in conventional skincare

-Why it's so important to not use synthetic products on our body and on our skin

-Why the cosmetic market hasn't went organic or taken over the natural skincare space 

-Why you should read skincare labels like you read food labels

-What to do if you see an ingredient you have a question about on a skincare product 

-What is "green-washing" and what that means for the beauty industry 

-How your skin works and why it's a barrier for toxins 

-How he discovered, which plant-based oils work well for different skin types

-Anti-aging products and if they actually work

-Why “oil-free” products are not great for our skin

-What black heads and pimples really are 

-What three products you should start with when switching your skincare routine

-How you can try Luminance Skincare’s products FOR FREE 

-Products for acne-prone and sensitive skin

-What the growth of Luminance Skincare looks like 

-The one health habit Kim can't live without 

-Who Kim looks up to in business 

-What advice would give his 20 year old self 


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**Use the code “HEALTHYMAVEN” at checkout and you’ll receive 15% your purchase from their online shop! My favorites are their exfoliating maskdelicate cleanser and acne serum!